What is New Room?

It is not
a church
but rather
a resource
for the

How did this start?


The church didn’t need another corporately structured “network” built around loose affinity or associational ties. In the same way, people don’t need another automated email system bombarding their inboxes with the latest call to action. And we know the church doesn’t need another organization asking them for donations and dues and constantly beckoning them to buy something else.

As we sought the Lord’s vision for the New Room Network, He brought us an obvious insight. The word “network” came alive for us as it came apart: “net” and “work”.  We began thinking about an actual net; not like the internet but like a fishing net. A fishing net is made up of hundreds of small squares tied together by thousands of knots. It is many small things that make up one big thing. The many small squares that make up a fishing net came to symbolize for us thousands of people bound to one another in the deep work of relational discipleship that would be needed for the coming awakening.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized this kind of net-work was the genius of our Wesleyan-Methodist movement. Remember George Whitfield’s famous remark about his “Brother Wesley?”

“My brother Wesley acted wisely—the souls that were awakened under his ministry he joined in class, and thus preserved the fruits of his labor. This I neglected, and my people are a rope of sand.”

Wesley wove people together into the kinds of relationships that would not only awaken them to the depths of the holy love of God but— through the distinctive quality of their bond—would win others into the same life-saving faith.

A net works through the tightly bound constellation of thousands of squares tied together by tens of thousands of knots. We call them “micro-communities,” and they are our take on Wesley’s discipleship bands.

As it was at the genesis of our movement, if you wanted to be a “Methodist” the only way in was to join a Class Meeting—so it will be with the New Room Network—the only way in is to start or join a New Room Band.

That’s our invitation. No fees. No dues. No “special offers.” And for God’s sake, no spam. It’s going to be all about weaving ourselves together into a net that works.

The New Room Network is a voluntary association of likeminded Christians (clergy and lay) from all over the world and across a broad range of denominations and movements to band together under the banner of a classic Wesleyan approach to Gospel of Jesus Christ and to sow for a Great Awakening in our time.

It is not a church but rather a resource for the church. The Network will resource:

  • Covenant Faithfulness
  • A Global Call to Travailing Prayer
  • High Bar Micro-Community Discipleship
  • Local, Regional, National and International Conferencing
  • And more, as the Lord provides the vision

Like the early Methodist Societies, the New Room will be a high bar, low barrier network. Members will be challenged, encouraged, and built-up. We will charge no dues or fees, yet we will call for high investment. All Hands. All Hearts. All In.

If your heart is as our heart, give us your hand.

All Hands.
All Hearts.
All In.

Who are we?

  • J. D. Walt
    J. D. Walt Sower-in-Chief @ Seedbed

    J. D. posts each day on the Seedbed Daily Text, but most important, he demonstrates the mantra of Sola Sancta Caritas (only holy love) as leads Seedbed’s vision, development, design, and tribe.

  • Mark Benjamin
    Mark Benjamin Conference Director

    Mark possesses the rare mix of gifts that enable him to fly at 35,000 feet and be on the ground at the same time—exactly who you want at the helm of a growing conferencing and networking ministry like New Room.

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Executive Director

    David’s recently earned MA in theology and PhD in historical theology (both from the University of Bristol) were focused on patterns of prayer that have led to revival movements in American history.