A 21st century take on

Christian Discipleship

John Wesley once famously said, “There is no holiness apart from social holiness.” Over the years, many have mistakenly asserted that he was talking about social justice.

In reality, he was talking about doing discipleship in the context of real relationships. In essence, you can’t become a real Christian alone. Enter: Discipleship Bands.

A different kind of Bible study


Discipleship Bands facilitates deep, meaningful growth in two ways. First it delivers discipleship content to you every day, and second, it brings people together into private online groups to interact around that content. It’s that simple.

Create Your Group

Jump in with your existing small group, a set of close friends, or family members—near or far.

Stay on Track

Daily notifications come each morning, so you won’t forget a reading.


Be Free

Don’t be tied to one device. Discipleship Bands works on your smartphone, tablet,
and desktop computer.

Go Deeper

When truth enters into our togetherness, it produces transformation.

A Quick Tour

  • We are really enjoying being a part of the band. In fact it is very important to our lives and we thank you for this process of ministering to us electronically!

    Connie Hughes-Smiley

The daily accountability of living life together

We aren’t forever doomed to small group experiences marked by awkward silences and Jesus-y answers. There’s another way.

A way that lets your group members share both their struggles and wisdom with you in real time. A way that lets you have access to not only meaningful, Biblical content, but also the daily relationship and accountability to help you apply it to your day-to-day life.  

Daily discipleship content

It’s not for a lack of content that people get stalled in their discipleship, nor is it for a lack of small groups. What’s missing are resources that lead people into the depths of the gospel and that facilitate the kinds of conversations that effect powerful growth.


Before you get started

About the software

Discipleship Bands is a web application and native app, meaning that it’s available both online (app.discipleshipbands.com) and in app stores.

Staying logged in

Discipleship Bands is designed to keep you logged in in-between visits each day, but there are a few settings you’ll want to verify to be sure this works properly. If you’re finding that you need to login each time you visit, check the following settings:

Different browsers have different names for it, but it’s usually something like “private,” “incognito,” or “InPrivate browsing.”  If this is turned on, it’ll log you out of every website, every time. It also won’t autofill your username and password. Turning off private browsing will help you easily access the site.

Auto-fill username and password. If you access Discipleship Bands from a personal device, we recommend saving your password within the browser/operating system you use. Then, when you do get logged out, you can log back in with the push of a button.

The Basics

How do I create an account?

Visit app.discipleshipbands.com and select “Sign Up.” Then fill in your name, email address, and preferred password. You’re good to go! Now go set up your profile!

How do I set up my profile?

From the sidebar navigation (accessible from the three lines in the top left hand corner), select “Profile.” From there, you can upload a photo that will be associated with your comments, and add in your city and state.

How do I start or join a group?

As the group leader, once you’ve setup your account and profile, click on “My Group” from the left hand sidebar navigation and Invite Group Members (more on that below). When you send an invitation email, it will include a unique link that will connect them to your group once they click it and set up an account with that email address. If you send them the invitation link by copying it to a text message or some other means of communication, it will connect them to your group when they create an account after clicking the link. You can view members who have accepted the invitation and those that are still pending from your “My Groups” page.

How do I invite new people to my group?

There are two ways to do this. From the left hand sidebar navigation, click on “My Group.” You may invite new members by email (click the “Invite New Members” button and enter their email address(es), one per line, on the next screen. Alternatively, you may copy an invite link (click on the “Copy Link” button) and paste it wherever you like—a group text, Facebook group, etc. Know, though, that anyone who finds that unique link and joins Discipleship Bands will be put into your group.

How do I change my notification preferences?

From the left hand sidebar navigation, select “My Group” and “Edit Group Settings.” From there you can change your notification frequency for both daily reminder emails and comment notifications. These preferences are group-specific, so your different groups can have different settings. That means, though, that if you don’t want any morning reminder emails, you’ll want to un-check that box in each group.

Can I change the name of my group?

When you’re in multiple groups—especially if someone else named them, it can be tough to remember which is which. To make sure your group names work for you, we’ve given you the ability to give your group a nickname. You can do this from the left hand sidebar navigation under “My Group.”

Can I study in more than one group?

Yes! If you’re invited to multiple groups using the same email address, these will automatically consolidate in your account. To toggle between groups, open the left hand sidebar navigation and click the down arrow next to your group name (in the white bar). You may start a new group yourself at any time in the same way—click that dropdown arrow and choose “Start a New Group.”

The Studies and Readings

What type of content can my group study?

The Seedbed Daily Text is available for free, by default, for your group. This is the same daily post that’s available at seedbed.com/dailytext, but Discipleship Bands offers the ability to connect with your group around the content.

Several free studies are also available within Discipleship Bands. If you’re new to this idea or your group members don’t know one another very well, we recommend you start with “An Introduction to Discipleship Bands,” which will help you get familiar with how a micro-community group like this might work both structurally and relationally.

Discipleship Bands has a growing library of purchasable studies as well. These are all designed to lead your group into deeper relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. Unlike traditional Bible studies or personal devotionals, Discipleship Bands studies are designed around relational discipleship—not what we know, but who we want to become as individuals and as a community of believers.

When is new content available?

By default, the Daily Text and each day’s study content are released at 12am—when the clock rolls over to a new day. You group leader may adjust this setting, however, for free or purchased studies. Under “My Group” -> “Reading Publication Settings” there is an option to either allow readings to be published once per day or make all readings available all the time.

How do I access my group’s readings?

The Daily Text reading and your group’s study reading for both yesterday and today are accessible from the Dashboard when you log in. You can also find these in the left hand sidebar navigation under “Daily Text” and “Today’s [Study] Reading.” For older readings, you can navigate back through the bottom of each Daily Text entry or, for a free or purchased study, select “My Study” from the left hand sidebar navigation and located the desired day.

How do I purchase more studies?

You can purchase additional studies by going to “My Library” or “Purchase History” in the left hand sidebar navigation. From there, click on “Purchase Other Studies” and go through the checkout process for whichever study you’d like. If you’d like to restart a study you’ve already purchased, you can do that from “My Library.” There, you’ll be able to see all the studies you’ve purchased, regardless of what group they were for. When you choose to start one of those studies, it will start in the group you’re presently signed in with (visible in the white strip of the left hand sidebar navigation).

How do I see what studies I have purchased?

From the left hand sidebar navigation, click on “Purchase History.” There you will see all your order details and any necessary code information for group purchases. To start or restart a study you’ve purchased, visit “My Library.”

Can I buy multiple copies for my whole group?

Yes! Go through the order process as normal, selecting your study and entering your billing name and address. At the bottom of that page, before selecting continue, enter the number of study codes you want to purchase (one for each group member). After completing your order, you’ll receive a book claim code and a book claim link to share with the others in your group. Under your “Purchase History” you can track how many codes have been claimed, how many codes are remaining, and retrieve the code to re-share at any time.

The Discussion

How do I add a comment to my group?

Whenever and wherever you access any daily reading, there’s an opportunity for group comments. From a desktop view, the conversation will display right next to the reading. From a smartphone, a red comment bubble appears in the right hand corner of the reading that will take you to the conversation. You can see the number of comments that have already been made in the link under the comment bubble.

How do I save someone else’s comment?

There will be times when someone in your group makes a profound observation or gives you a word of encouragement you want to hold on to. When that happens, you may click the star button under their comment to send it to your favorites (found under “My Notes” in the left hand sidebar navigation). Unlike on most social media networks, this starring isn’t seen by other group members, so it isn’t the equivalent of “liking” or “favoriting” a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Can I edit or delete a comment?

You have full-reign to edit or delete your own comments using the pencil and trashcan icons that display under your comment after you post. Group leaders also have the ability to delete comments if needed to moderate the conversation.

How do I send a message to my group?

There may be times when you need to send a more administrative message to you group that you don’t want to clutter up the conversation (like, “Our group meeting will be at 7pm instead of 6pm.”) In this case, you can use the messaging feature under “My Group.” In this case, your message will be sent via email and will not appear within the platform itself.


Have a question you don’t see an answer to? Let us know by emailing support@newroombands.com and a member of our team will be in touch!